Certified imaging technologists dedicated to your comfort and health

Mid Rogue Imaging Center has intentionally created a place where patients get excellent testing results from a team of certified technologists who understand the importance of professional and compassionate care giving. Your comfort is our priority and our scheduling staff is well trained and flexible in meeting your imaging needs. We respect your time with walk-in appointments for x-rays, DXA and some CT examinations (subject to availability). We respect your wallet with the lowest testing costs in Southern Oregon.

We partner with expert radiologists

We have partnered with to provide referring physicians with the widest range of diagnostic imaging and interventional radiology in Southern Oregon. The physicians at A are all board-certified with a wide range of fellowship training. They have been serving patients and physicians in Southern Oregon and Northern California with state-of-the-art radiological results since 1948.

Our leading-edge technology ensures consistent, accurate and safe results

At Mid Rogue Imaging Center, we take pride in the quality of our images that strengthen and enhance your physician’s ability to visualize anatomy and pathology without requiring invasive procedures.

As radiation exposure to patients is an increasing concern, the technologists at Mid Rogue Imaging Center tailor each patient’s examination based on the examination type, area of interest, patient body habits, and appropriate use guidelines in order to reduce radiation exposure.

Our technologists routinely consult with the radiologists at in order to reduce radiation exposure wherever possible and still maintain excellent image quality. By comparing Dose Length Product and CTDI measurements of examinations performed at Mid Rogue Imaging Center with those of other local facilities, you will find that Mid Rogue Imaging exposes patients at the lowest average rates in Southern Oregon.

You Choose

You have the right to choose where your exams are performed. Patients choose Mid Rogue Imaging Center because:

Please call us to learn more about our full range of diagnostic services and costs. 541-472-5154.