Immediate access to patient imaging procedures

Please click the ULite icon to connect to our PACS system

All of your patients’ imaging procedures are stored for immediate access by our radiologists and referring physicians in our Picture Archiving and Communications System (PACS), in this case the Infinitt PACS.

Referring Physicians Can Connect To Synapse In Two Ways:

  1. Via the Southern Oregon Medical Network
  2. Or via the Internet on a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) connection.

SSL connection is the most common method for reviewing images stored at Mid Rogue Imaging Center. SSL is different in that it does not require special security software, called a VPN client, in order to work.

Connection to the Mid Rogue Imaging Center is simple: Send the first and last name and title of each person in your practice requiring PACS access in a fax transmission to (541) 472-5178, attention PACS Admin.

You may also use our “Contact us by email” form.

The PACS administrator will generate new accounts for your staff and reply to your email with instructions on how to set up your computers to access Synapse. Synapse can be accessed from the office, in surgical suites, from hospitals and even from home at any time.

Upon completion of the patients’ examination, the images are read by the Medford Radiologic Group.