Mid Rogue Imaging Center performs Dual Energy X-ray Absorptometry (DXA), otherwise known as Bone Densitometry, on the General Electric Discovery Series bone densitometry system.

We perform spine, hip and forearm densitometry, as well as lateral thoracic spine Intra Vertebral Fracture Assessment (IVA).

Mid Rogue Imaging also offers whole body composition studies for patients who wish to accurately monitor body fat to muscle ratios.

All DXA scans are stored and made available for referring physician review immediately post examination on our PACS. The DXA study is interpreted by  the results of which are faxed to your office and stored in PACS.

All patients who have a DXA performed at our facility will receive a two-year follow-up appointment letter recommending that they have a follow-up examination. Patients receiving drug therapy for osteoporosis may have repeat examinations annually to ensure the effectiveness of their drug therapy.